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User Journey

I wanted to start getting some visuals onto paper. I came up with some basic steps as to how I saw the app coming together. Very simply, selecting a tour based on genre, speed and difficulty. You would be given directions to the start position, and would begin the tour from there. Along the route would be points of interest. Here would be preinstalled information, added by the tour creator. The user however could add their own ‘memories’. These could include photos, voice messages, drawings and videos. Once they complete the journey, they could share with their friends, or go back and start a new tour. Users would also be able to make their own tours. This interface would be secondary in the development stage. For the initial app, the main feature would be to take a tour.

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Task Analysis

To begin with, I wanted to think of the bare minimum for what the app would need to meet the key requirements, so I focused on the ‘Take a Tour’ aspect, rather than the ‘Make a Tour’. By creating a task analysis, I was able to create a simple navigational tool, to help represent the main features. [Full Task Analysis available here]

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An digital touring application, that is available online and offline. You can take tours in your area, or create tours to share with others. The app allows the tour operators to track visitor numbers, preferences and location of visitors around a given area. The users can follow on screen and/or vocal directions. Be notified of points of interest and save and share their memories of their experience. To ensure safety whilst using the app, there will be the ability to share your current location with an SOS feature.