Posted in Week 11

Sketch Prototype

After spending some more time getting to grips with Sketch, I managed to create some concepts. It was a lot quicker having the elements at hand and the correct size. As I was using a free trial on this occasion, I was not able to download the plugin to connect Sketch with InVision. If this had of worked, it definitely would have been an added benefit. Another issue I found was trying to add arrows to show the screens that connect. Although they have some features to do this, like drawing a line or an arrow, it would be a lot easier to have a tool that could branch between art boards. Some other things I found lacking, were the number of icons available. If I wanted to use the iOS icon for a microphone, or camera, I would either have to find one online, or draw my own. I’d rather have it available for use like all the other elements as it would keep a stronger element of branding across the platform.

It was useful having the preset tools, as well as the preset colour palette, so you could simply change to another without looking for RGB codes. One thing I have noted from exporting is that the preset modal doesn’t have a background. All of my files now look empty as I’ve exported them as PNG files. I have since found how to fix this, by simply changing the fill of the modal. However it does not happen if it is exported as a PDF version. It would have been beneficial if I could have exported the finished product out as one image, rather than each art board. Perhaps these features do exist, and maybe I need more practise, but my knowledge will improve with time and I already feel that I’m becoming more efficient.