Posted in Week 13

Next Steps

One main part of the app that would need some further investigation is to create a solid business plan. The business plan would reassess the feasibility of the product and help to find funding opportunities.

To further this project into creating a final deliverable, it would need to be taken to a software developer. This process will undoubtedly highlight areas that as a designer I haven’t noted. With little background in software development, it is not unusual for a designers concept to be altered slightly from the original idea. This is in my eyes, another way of testing the product. Whatever feedback and hurdles that need tackled at this stage would be documented. This is to allow the creative team to reflect on what worked and what didn’t in the process, as well as how issues were tackled.

Once a fully functioning first phase of the app was made, it would be tested by a steering group, before release to the public. This release would be on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. Working hand in hand with users and a marketing team, it would then be pushed to reach more potential users. This process would be a huge learning curve as it has never been done before.


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