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Foreign Tours in the Last Year

Getting primary research done in such a limited time was going to be almost impossible, so I have reflected on various tours I’ve taken over the last year.

Disneyland Paris – Behind the Scenes

  • It wasn’t too crowded, there was a limit on the number of visitors allowed to take the tour at a given time.
  • There were queues to get on the tour, which were long, boring and tedious.
  • The tour was created so that you got to interact but at a safe distance, for example splash zones.
  • Our tour guide was very personable and funny which was really pleasant.

The British Museum

  • There was so much to see.
  • Completely overcrowded.
  • High security.
  • No one to ask questions to.
  • So easy to get lost!

History of Science Museum

  • Lots of things to see in a small space – but it works!
  • Friendly staff who you can ask questions to.
  • Once you’ve been once, you probably wouldn’t go back. It doesn’t seem to change or have anything new added very often.

London Sightseeing

  • As I was giving the tour, we could alter our speed depending on time.
  • We were able to adapt our route.
  • Extra level of freedom to make pit stops e.g. bathroom or food stops.
  • Not as in depth as having a proper tour, as my knowledge is limited.

Royal Court Theatre

  • Tour guide was really informative, just hard to find when we got there initially.
  • Learnt lots of things aside from the main tour, for example about their accessibility and the regeneration of the building.
  • The tour size group was perfect for the tour, not to many people, but enough for it not to be empty.
  • You got to see ‘non public’ areas, so that level or trust was nice.



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