Posted in Week 4

Doagh Island Famine Village

Getting some primary research into tours was actually really fun and informative. I took a visit to Doagh Island Famine Village. Clearly it has been built on a budget and is a great example of how locals have had to diversify to make money from the land. The handmade feel is actually very charming. The information was presented in a manner that was very inclusive. Having certain areas more interactive than others allowed visitor engagement to be retained. As the tour was given by the man who owned the village, it was his home originally, it was hard not to feel his emotion. One thing that really stood out, and something I could relate to, was the fact he was clearly running the whole place, as when the tour was over, he didn’t stick around much to answer questions, as he had to get straight back to trying to fix the decorations for their next big event. The tour was really grounding & I was happy to part with my money as I knew that the money was going back to helping him, his family and their business.


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